Valentine's Day Power Pitching Event

2nd April, 2024

Happy New Year! We are so excited to be back and to kick off 2024 with our first Power Pitching event of the year - on the 11th of January we held our Valentine’s Day Gifts Power Pitching event, where journalists got a chance to find out more about new products, perfect for gift guides and wish lists. 

This year we had all the brands you wouldn’t want to miss out on, including:

Power Pitching offers journalists a fantastic opportunity to discover the most recent trends, thrilling product launches, and noteworthy brands that are certainly worth exploring. We are delighted to provide such a valuable opportunity!

See for yourself - we would like to thank all our amazing journalists for leaving great feedback and for being such a joy to have at the event!

Here are a few of the testimonials:

‘Enjoyable and useful as always!’ - Emily Gilbert, Mother&Baby

‘A very well organized and efficient event, as always!’ - Laura Mulley, Freelance Beauty Editor

‘All you need is love...and a CIJ Valentine's Power Pitching event!’ - Megan Conway, HELLO! Ltd 

We are again so joyful to be back in the Power Pitching season with you and cannot wait for more opportunities to come!

If you would like to take part in one of our Power Pitching events, then please email

CIJ Team