Hop into our Easter Holidays Power Pitch

10th March, 2023

This Easter Holidays Power Pitching event was a treat for all that attended, with the products showcased ranging from chocolate, cooking appliances to all things toys! On the day, 6 wonderful brands pitched their must-have Easter products to a variety of top-tier journalists such as: Editor in Chief from Fabulous Magazine, Content Lead from HELLO!, Head of Lifestyle Content from the Daily Mirror and many more. 

We had some fantastic brands and retailers in attendance such as: 

We were lucky to partner with and continue the chocolate theme with LoveRaw for this event, who produce tasty, game changing vegan chocolate bars and peanut cups without compromising on any taste! The journalists found them really enjoyable and a gorgeous treat.

Our Power Pitching events were created to provide a great opportunity for brands and retailers to curate useful industry connections with leading journalists, as well as providing the media an insight to wonderful products worth writing about.  A win-win for all involved!

Playtime PR left us some wonderful feedback regarding the event and explained how helpful Power Pitching can be to retailers.

As always the CIJ Group put on a seamlessly slick virtual event providing invaluable and, these days, often difficult to obtain, access to a host of high calibre journalists. Thank you!” Claire, Playtime PR.

We are delighted to say  that our positive feedback didn’t stop there as we received these testimonials from journalists in attendance:

Faye Smith (Future): “Fun, Fast and Fabulous”

Lara Nugent (Best): “A brilliantly efficient way to catch up with lots of brands in one go”

Esther Coombes (HELLO!): “Use of technology was very slick and everyone presented really well, very friendly teams”.

Lara Sargent (Freelance): “A really useful and interesting hour - presentations are getting better and better”.

Our Easter Holidays event was successful, with both happy brands and journalists alike. If you are interested in participating in a Power Pitching event, please email erin@cijgroup.co for further details. 

- CIJ Group