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14 October 2022

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Raquel dos Santos

Content Creator


"Authenticity is a magnet" this way you will attract new followers and keep the remaining ones.

Please provide a brief introduction to yourself and your Instagram account

I am Raquel dos Santos, the content creator of @thetinyrules. I started this journey 7 years ago and my main purpose from the beginning was to show to every single mum that we create our own rules for motherhood, not society. Through our lifestyle and fashion sense we are able to inspire people to be the creative directors of their own lives.

Give us the inside scoop, what is your favourite part about being a content creator?

I have an extensively creative mind and being a content creator I am able to explore that side. I love the planning and creative process of things, having an idea and bringing it to life. Finding people interested in the work I do is very rewarding.

What is your #1 top tip for growing an Instagram following?

The best tips are common sense you might say, but creating and sharing valuable inspirational content is a must. Sounds hard, but when you share your passions, tips, how-tos, etc.. be authentic while doing so, also engage with your followers, keep it real and approachable.

“Authenticity is a magnet” this way you will attract new followers and keep the remaining ones.

What's the most memorable campaign you have ever worked on?

2 years back we did a family trip to Bali and we were fortunate to partner with the Hotel Nusa Dua. This experience allowed me and my daughter to get to know the culture up close and bond while there. The spiritual activities that we experienced were life changing. It’s a memory that we will always remember as it’s the best trip we’ve done so far!

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