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7 May 2021

5 minutes with...

Natalie Keegan

The Sun - The Sun Savers



"We often film social content to go alongside articles (or standalone), so available product samples are always good"

Please provide a brief introduction to yourself & The Sun (Savers)

I work as a Content Creator for Sun Savers at The Sun - we produce money-saving content, offers and treats to loyal readers who bank ‘Savers’ codes through the app. There is an editorial paper page, seven days a week, these also go online and we also produce social content.

Give us the inside scoop, what is your favourite part about working for The Sun?

The people! I’ve made some great friends in all sorts of different departments. It’s a high pressure publication, which probably lends itself well to camaraderie.

What’s the most memorable approach you’ve had from a PR?

I have many memorable ones, and trips pre-Covid have all been unforgettable. However, a great virtual one was being sent a particularly herby cookery kit for a cooking session - and then learning how to clean/floss teeth with a new product after (and remove the remnants of the meal!)

What types of products and price points are you personally looking to feature?

We feature quite a broad range of products but homeware, food and drink are big hitters. Savers like to treat themselves but to feel like they’re getting a good deal on whatever that treat is. Plus they love a bargain - who doesn’t?!

What advice would you give a PR pitching to get attention and secure coverage from The Sun?

  • Being pitched expert quotes/comment that fit the brand/page (checking how we format our previous articles, so it’s the right fit, is always great)
  • New research/stats are always fab - we like to hook on newsy stats, trends or research as much as possible
  • A punchy subject line and email with all relevant info/high res shots is always good (so we don’t have to hunt them down)
  • We often film social content to go alongside articles (or standalone), so available product samples are always good
  • … Get the name on the email right!

Tell us something fun that people don't know about you?

I’m health and fitness mad and have competed as a bikini bodybuilder - hopefully will again this year, if restrictions ease! I’m also a qualified PT and have taught fitness classes on the side/as a hobby for around six years.