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20 August 2021

5 minutes with...

Emma Roberts




"Never give up, just because someone isn't replying to you now or isn't interested in your pitch now - again, it doesn't mean it's personal, the time is just not right."

Please provide a brief introduction to yourself & Dr.PAWPAW

No day at Dr.PAWPAW is the same - and for me to still be saying that six years after starting with the company as an intern back in 2015 goes to show just how much goes on on a daily basis for us. We're growing, always and it's a really exciting company to be a part of. To see it grow and grow up myself alongside it is amazing and I'm forever grateful to be part of a company that has a strong mission to do good and give back as well as providing super products for our customers too of course! A huge shout out to my boss and teacher Johnny Paterson for all that he has taught me over the years and for giving me the opportunity to grow with this incredible brand all them years ago.

What’s your favourite part of working for Dr.PAWPAW?

The scope of my role, it's forever changing. One day I'm pitching to a host of US journalists, the next day I'm brunching in London with top UK press. One day I'm talking to Polish influencers about new campaigns, the next it's on the phone to the agents of Love Islander talent or a briefing on what's next with our charity partner Teenage Cancer Trust. I'm never bored, never twiddling my thumbs and I have free lip balm for life - Win, win!

What’s the most memorable campaign you’ve worked on?

For me it's got to be our Shimmer Balm X Teenage Cancer Trust launch in 2020. The year everyone will remember, and of course when I talk about events they were virtual. But nonetheless it was exciting, and a great thing to be a part of. We hosted virtual press and influencer events and were honoured to have a special guest from Teenage Cancer Trust attend and tell her story. The same incredible young lady is featured on our Shimmer Balm packaging along with three other inspiring individuals and 15p from all sales of this product go to Teenage Cancer Trust to support their work. The feedback from the guests for these events was incredible, humbling and so positive and the press response and coverage has been really great.

Tell us about any exciting plans Dr.PAWPAW has for 2021?

We have some lovely new seasonal gift sets launching very soon which I am excited to tell everyone about and we're also sponsoring a show at London Fashion Week for the first time which we are prepping for at the moment. We're finalists in the Beauty Icon category at this year's CEW Beauty Awards so we will have everything crossed for that award and of course we're hopeful for the Pure Beauty Awards at the end of the year too.

What advice would you give someone starting their career in PR?

Prepare to work hard and don't let a bad day turn into a bad week. A strong work ethic is needed, you need to be prepared to put in the hours, show them everything you've got and impress them from the off. Learning how to make a good cup of tea or coffee will go a long way too! It's such a competitive industry and the hours are long to start with but as you grow and as your skills develop you will reap the benefits in many other ways. I'd recommend interning in house as well as an agency to find out what you prefer, for me both had their benefits but once you find a brand you love it's a great journey to be a part of. Everyone has their moods, everyone has bad days, don't take a short email personally or a flyaway comment to heart, easier said than done but these things can eat you up if you don't learn to ignore them and get on with your job - 99% of the time it really isn't personal.

What’s your #1 PR Top Tip?

Everything is new. Just kidding. I would say probably never give up, just because someone isn't replying to you now or isn't interested in your pitch now - again, it doesn't mean it's personal, the time is just not right. Be persistent without being annoying and find ways to relate to people. Always remember the end goal of securing some great PR coverage, but you are just talking to people, remember that and connect on that level too. I have an amazing journalist contact but we only ever talk about Dr.PAWPAW 10% of the time the other 90% is about our favourite musicals - and that works for both of us, she has given me some of my best coverage over the years.

Tell us something interesting we don’t know about you!

You've probably guessed by now but I'm not THAT Emma Roberts but I did have to send a press release out about Emma Roberts the actress and her hair extensions once and that got a few confused responses! + Interesting or lame, you decide but I've listened to the Hamilton soundtrack over 400 times.