19 May 2023

5 minutes with...

Ella Delancey Jones

Freelance Journalist & Creative Copywriter



"Don’t be discouraged. PR can be such a slow burn and, having been on the other side, I know that clients want results - yesterday!"

Ella is a freelance journalist with a background in consumer product and technology PR. She writes for IndyBest, Stylist, Grazia, and Insider about products, parenthood, mental health and societal issues. She lives in Berkshire with her husband and daughter.

What is your favourite part about being a freelance journalist?

For me, it’s the flexibility. I have a young daughter, and to be able to spend quality time with her, work around her schedule, and scale up and down how much work I have at any given time is a huge advantage. In terms of work, I appreciate being able to choose - to an extent - the kind of work I do. This means that I can always focus on things that make me excited and often that don’t really feel like work. It means I’ve always got a fire in my belly!

What is your top PR tip?

Don’t be discouraged. PR can be such a slow burn and, having been on the other side, I know that clients want results - yesterday! But there have been times when a PR or brand has reached out and I’ve not been working on anything suitable. Then months later, especially if we’ve kept in touch, we’ve connected brilliantly on a feature or review programme resulting in great coverage. It’s all about the ongoing relationship.

What is the best press event you've ever been to?

I love going to press events that are drop-in because it’s so much easier to make them when you’re busy! I went to a Dr. Oetker (the pizza guys!) event a couple of years ago that had it all. Free bar (important), DJs, pizza of course - and lots of availability for face-time with the brand spokespeople. It felt really seamless and importantly…fun!

What is your favourite article you have ever written?

I recently wrote a piece for Stylist about the journey back to work when you have a baby. It looks different for everyone and it’s such a transitional, emotional time. I was honoured to tell the stories of three women and it sparked so many conversations across my social media. It was a good opportunity for mothers to realise they’re really not alone in their feelings and that push/pull paradox of loving being a mum and wanting to build a career.

Tell us about your podcast You, Still?

I love a little creative project so created You, Still as an outlet for all the things that I was experiencing in early motherhood. I wanted to start a conversation about what we should be discussing, especially around mental health, careers, friendships and relationships after babies. I’ve loved the journey so much, I love who I’ve met through it and had meaningful and insightful conversations with - and I can’t wait to see where it goes!

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