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19 August 2022

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Cecile Blaireau

Content Creator at The Frenchie Mummy



"Keep posting and engaging. You should interact with your followers and have a proper conversation with them. It’s all about establishing a true relationship."

Please provide a brief introduction to yourself and your Instagram account

Bonjour! My name is Cécile, and you can find me at @thefrenchiemummy on Instagram but also on my blog The Frenchie Mummy.

I have been blogging and creating digital content for about 6 years. It all started as a hobby during my maternity leave, but it is now my full-time job.

I created my channels to help and inspire mums to become confident and empowered ladies. If you check out @thefrenchiemummy, you will find many tips on how to manage a harmonic work / life balance, but also motivational quotes.

I also love sharing my beauty and fashion finds as well as my thoughts as a foreign mum in the UK.

Plus, I also love presenting my followers with family-friendly places in Kent and the South-East. We love nothing more than an adventure with my son Stanley and my partner Grumpy Boyfriend!

Give us the inside scoop, what is your favourite part about being a content creator?

For me, it has always been to be able to work around my family. I love being able to be there for all the important moments such as Sports Day or being able to take a day off if I need to.

Plus, it is also my own little outlet to express my creativity. I love sharing tips and ideas from my readings. There is nothing better than seeing that I help fellow mamas with inspiring content.

What is your #1 top tip for growing an Instagram following?

Keep posting and engaging. You should interact with your followers and have a proper conversation with them. It’s all about establishing a true relationship. Some of my followers have been reading my adventures from the start and it is so lovely when they email or message me to ask questions or say how fast my little one has grown up.

I am not perfect and super keen to share my low moments in motherhood. I think I am relatable, and many other mums see themselves in me. We all go through the same hurdles. I am super down to earth and always eager to connect with others.

What's the most memorable campaign you have ever worked on?

Wow! There have been so many! I particularly like working with educational brands. As an ex-teacher, I am really interested in the topic and I love seeing Stanley engaging with his learning at home. I want him to be an independent learner and I think it is down to parents to establish those routines at home too.

I was also super lucky to work for French brands that have been my faves for decades such as Ladurée, Maison Lejaby and so many others.

And we went on many fabulous press trips. I am always ever so grateful my son can have such experiences at his age. We stayed in many gorgeous places over the last year, such as Hever Castle, The Stratford London or even Hilton Hotels.

Tell us about your blog and the articles you write for it

Thanks to my channels, we get really spoiled with all sorts: days out, fashion, games…

I do a bit of Frenchie giveaways too so that my readers get spoiled too. I think they really enjoy this.

And I also love writing about being a foreign mama in the country. We love living in Kent. It is so beautiful here and I promote many family-friendly places in the area. It’s lovely to support local businesses and I love it when my followers ask me for recommendations in the area.

Tell us something fun that no one knows about you!

It’s totally cliché, but when I was at uni, I used to work in a bakery in France and I was selling baguettes! People find that funny!

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