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29 April 2022

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Aimee Jakes

Shopping Editor at heat & Closer Online



"Focus on one product! Is it this season’s hottest product? Unlike anything else?"

Please provide a brief introduction to yourself & Bauer Media

I’ve been at Bauer Media for almost six years and joined as a fresh journalism graduate after doing what felt like endless(!) weeks of work experience. During my time, I’ve worked on many of the different titles including Mother&Baby and Grazia and now am the Shopping Editor for heat and Closer Online. I oversee all the shopping content for both sites and I write for both brands, too. I am a self-confessed shopaholic and spend far too much time/energy/money on the ASOS app, so this job is honestly a dream come true.

Give us the inside scoop, what is your favourite part about working as Shopping Editor for heat and Closer?

Definitely reviewing products - especially skincare. Nothing brings me more pleasure than an 8-step skincare routine, complete with LED mask and ice globes! I love finding all the really good stuff and sharing it with our audience.

I also love interviewing celebrities, especially around fitness, fashion or for my self-care Sunday franchise on heat. It just never gets boring.

What is it you look for from brands you're looking to feature, are there any particular price points?

For price points, it depends on what the product is, but definitely something that feels like a good deal for our reader. We look to see how easy the product is to purchase (e.g. Amazon prime is always a good one) if we can use affiliate links (we use Skimlinks) and who has endorsed it. Celebrity/ influencer endorsements are really big for us on heat and Closer as it adds that element of trust.

What’s the most memorable approach you’ve had from a PR (good or bad!)?

Definitely from Oral-B/Saatchi who very casually delivered a toothbrush via robot to my front door. The neighbours were in awe.

If you could give a PR advice on what to do to get your attention and secure coverage with you - what would it be?

  • Build a relationship first, like most journalists I get around 380274 emails a day and it would be impossible to cover everything from everyone.
  • Focus on one product! Is it this season’s hottest product? Unlike anything else?
  • Endorsed by Molly-Mae Hague? Tell me what your customers are loving.
  • Ensure it’s in stock, if it’s a cropped blazer worn by the entirety of Love Island 2021, we wouldn’t feature it, if it’s no longer available to buy, as it’s a bad experience for our readers
  • If it’s a product that may not be worth a whole news story/feature, finding a round-up that already exists online and pitching for a gallery inclusion is really helpful too, especially as we are constantly updating our articles.
  • Include a shoppable link to the product so I can see the product quickly

Tell us something fun that people don't know about you?

I upped and moved from London to Swansea for a year and now my lunchtime walks are along the beachfront! Moving away from the city temporarily has helped me feel so much more productive, balanced and energised.

You frequently chat to celebrities about their ideal Self-Care Sunday routine! But what does your ultimate Self-Care Sunday look like and who is your favourite celebrity that you've interviewed?

My self-care Sunday always involves a bit of a lie-in, then doing a food shop and going to the gym for a big leg session. I will then come home and give my home a really good clean whilst listening to a podcast - I can’t relax if it’s messy! In the afternoon I love lighting candles and really geeking out about skincare. I will use a sheet mask (Garnier Moisture Bomb is the bomb!), my trusty LED mask and spend the afternoon watching YouTube vlogs. In the evenings I like to eat all the pasta, watch Better Call Saul with my boyfriend and try to stay off my phone.

I am very passionate about self-care and believe it’s not just about face masks and candles (but it can be!) but a real chance to rest and recharge for the week ahead. After speaking to celebs about their self-care routine for almost two years, I’ve realised we are all very similar and essentially all out here living the same life. Nine times out of ten, they will endorse hot baths, reading The Secret and doing a far more indulgent skincare routine than usual. Oh, and everyone loves Weleda Skin Food, it’s beauty’s worst kept secret!

My favourite self-care Sunday chat is either with Jacqueline Jossa who is just hilarious and I’ve been a life-long fan, or more recently TikTok’s Maddie Grace Jepson. Her dedication to self-care is unmatched.

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